Kristina Satori used to be married to words but fell in love with photography. She started out studying history and journalism at the University of Vienna and later went on to study photography at the Graphische in Vienna, Austria. She is a founder of the analoggang - together with Katharina Reckendorfer and Marisa Vranjes - who are both wonderful photographers in their own right and you should definitely check their work out! The analoggang lives and breathes since 2008.

Satori primarily takes portraits and works exclusively on analogue material. She creates and teaches photography in Austria but loves to travel to all the places you would like to see her take pictures of. If you want to sit for her or just say hi please feel free to contact her!

Shows (excerpt):

2016 tongues, M77, Vienna, Austria
2014 cadavre exquis (with analoggang), SWDZ, Vienna, Austria
2013 unmasked, Landbouwbelang, Maastricht, Netherlands
2012 unveiled, Landbouwbelang, Maastricht, Netherlands
2011 ein teil von mir, Vienna, Austria
2010 pinholes, photokina, Cologne, Germany
2009 weitergeben, Vienna, Austria
2009 wir glauben, Ragnarhof, Vienna, Austria